Tweens' Styles and Pricing!

Polka Dot Umbrella has a variety of outfits to customize for your unique tween! You get to choose the size, fabrics, and other options. Browse the album for what stands out to you!  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at 

Amanda's Triple Ruffle Skirt

Your tween will love how light she feels in this triple ruffle skirt! I bet she'd even love to help choose the fabric combination. This skirt features three ruffles on top and two panels underneath, which look super cute when twirling. And even if she's not the twirling type, this skirt is sure to make an impression.

Note: Tweens vary a lot in height, so I can adjust the skirt to be longer or shorter overall, if you'd like. Email me to discuss length and we will make it perfect for your tween.

Sizes 7/8 to 11/12: $45.00
Sizes 13/14 to 15/16: $50.00

Willow's Wrap Jacket

The Willow Wrap style jacket features an attached belt sash that ties at the side. It is fully lined, with a fitted top and a stylish skirt below. It is super comfy and your tween will love the option of choosing a fabric that is perfect for her! 

Size Tween 7/8 to 15/16: $90.00

Please note that I can also make this jacket in Girls, Women, and Doll sizes as well! 

Fairy's Double Layer Princess Dress 

Have you been looking for the perfect fairy costume for your tween? She will love this double-layer dress! It features a ruffled bodice, a fairy pointed skirt in two full layers (perfect for twirling!), and straps that go through buttonholes in back to tie it in place. We also have the option of making the bodice fit AA or A cup rather than the flat front. We can do all sorts of fairy color combinations, from the typical green to any of her favorite colors. This dress even makes a really cute witch costume in purples and blacks!

Size Tween 7/8 to 15/16: $50.00

Please note that I can also make this dress in Girls and Women sizes as well!

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