Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bowties and Hair Bows

I started selling boys' bowties in my shop awhile back and they are totally adorable on the little guys.  But my daughter figured out that the bowties also make amazing hair bows! Aren't they cute! 

So these little beauties are being added to my list of custom accessories available.  I can make them to match any of your girls' outfits!  The bows have an attached alligator clip in back for easy wear, and what we love about these as hair bows is that they are super sturdy, even after being worn all day or smashed in a backpack!  They bounce right back and you can even handwash them if necessary with no harm done.  I'm all about having our kids' clothes be adorable AND sturdy. 

To order an outfit and matching hair bows, please email polkadotumbrellaboutique and we'll get your order started!

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